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Success! TestRail on Windows 7 with IIS and MSSQL


So I just got TestRail installed and running locally! :smiley: It was a breeze, with a couple of things that could be solved by enhancing the documentation a bit.

From start to finish, including download time for the prerequisites, I spent about 90 minutes. I was a little worried that some of the installation would be tough because i’m running Windows 7, but all of the steps were true to the Windows installation guide ( ) and everything was pretty well documented.

Here are my suggestions for the windows installation manual from start to finish: (1.2 Installation on Windows)

  1. This step went smoothly, it would have been nice to have a list of things in the Web Platform Installer that I should be checking, but it’s nice that you can always go back and add more (I didn’t realize I needed the SQL Server Management Studio). Also, it would be good to mention at this time that you should use “Mixed Mode” authentication when installing SQL. Luckily, I guessed right.

  2. Why don’t you include ioncube as part of the testrail download? That would be more convenient, IMHO. Regardless, it was easy enough to follow the steps to get it.

Also, this instruction made me unsure:

I did get that error when checking the php -v command, so I disabled the line for mssql. Later, when I couldn’t connect to SQL (ill get to that later), I ended up hunting down a copy of ntwdblib.dll and un-commenting that line. I’m still not sure if I really needed it.

  1. Once I realized I needed to download Management Studio and got in, this part was easy.

  2. The only part that confused me here was that I was getting SQL connection errors. I didn’t know what to use for my hostname, but eventually I used MYMACHINENAME\SQLEXPRESS i believe, as it showed in the Management Studio (another lucky guess) and it connected just fine.

Also, it would be nice to have a feature of sending out a test email to see that your email server configuration settings worked right at this time.

One more thing, in Windows 7 I had to add the “IUSR” user to my access list for the two folders (logs and attachments) manually. Adding this to the instructions wouldn’t hurt.

All in all, i’m very impressed with how smoothly this process went. I’ll have to let you know if Gmail worked – I think it’s blocking the emails because they’re to myself.

Thanks for letting me be part of the beta!



Thanks a lot for posting your installation experience, Joel, that was really useful.

At this point in the installation, checking the PHP and SQL Server Driver option would actually be sufficient. I agree that it would be useful to mention that you can also install the SQL Server with the Platform Installer, but I think it’s easier to just install the SQL Server via the links provided in Step 3 (Creating the empty TestRail database).

This also uses the Installer, but you don’t have to check anything (you just select the package you need from Microsoft’s website). We also mention in Step 3 that you need Mixed Mode Authentication, but we need to make this more prominent.

We have thought about this, but the problem is that you need a different loader for different platforms. For Windows there’s just one loader that’s relevant at the moment (this will change for 64bit though), but since TestRail also installs on Unix/Linux systems, we would need to distribute over 40MB for this (see

The ntwdblib.dll library and php_mssql module are legacy components of PHP and are not used by TestRail. Unfortunately, the current version of the Web Platform Installer has enabled them by default but forgets to install the ntwdblib.dll file. This is the reason for the error when you start php -v. We’ve already filed a bug report with the WPI team and this issue should hopefully be fixed soon.

Thanks for the hint. We’ll add that to the documentation (and maybe to the installation/setup as well).

That’s already planned and we want to a add a bunch of diagnostic tools to a future version.

[quote]One more thing, in Windows 7 I had to add the “IUSR” user to my access list for the two folders (logs and attachments) manually. Adding this to the instructions wouldn’t hurt.

That’s actually documented at the end of section 4 or do you mean something else? I know it’s a bit confusing and we will probably add an explanation to the setup, as this will probably be one of the most frequent installation questions/issues.

You are welcome and thanks again for posting such a detailed list of issues and notes. We will make sure to incorporate your suggestions.