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Subtotals of each section should display on TAB "Test Cases"


When we use testrail, it is inconvenience for no subtotals displaying on TAB “Test Cases”.
Now we can use report function to get the subtotals of sections instead.


Hello Sean,

Thanks for your posting. The number of test cases per section is currently not displayed on the Test Cases tab. We’ve got this feature request before and it’s already on our list of things to look into. You can find the corresponding amount of tests when you view a test run as a workaround in the meantime (on the Test Runs & Results tab).



Hi all,

I didn’t want to create a new thread cos I think my question can be related to this thread: in the Test cases tab, when I do a filtering by some options, there is no “number of found results” (test cases) displayed which can be very useful (at least to me)
Any plans to implement this?




Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not available but I agree that this would be useful to have and we will make sure to look into this for one of the next versions. Thanks for the suggestion!




Adding to the request for ‘number of test cases’ in each section. Most of the time, testers want to quickly look at how many tests are in there per section, sub-section, etc. Creating temporary test runs is a bit time-consuming. (Also the fact that we have been ‘conditioned’ to such a feature in previous tools.


Thanks for your feedback on this, Fatima!