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"String" Field importing. Restrictions?


I have attempted to merge several csv fields into a single field for import into TestRail. The issue is if I import a single cells data regardless of length it will import. But if I remove any formatting and bring two fields together using a hyphen or underscore none of the fields make it through.
I have looked for formatting restriction for the “String” field and am not finding any other that it is a single line of data.

What am I not seeing?

I am on the Cloud version of TestRail.

Working Examples:


Failing Examples:



Custom field maximum length customability - 250 character limit else use text field.


Thank you for the response. I did consider that but my total string length is less than 75 at the maximum length. That is why I am somewhat confused as to why it will not import the full string.
I will keep trying.


Hi David,

Thanks for your post! This is likely just an issue with the CSV formatting after merging cells/fields (as this could be disassociated with the header column). You would just need to be sure that these are still aligned properly after a merge to ensure they are detected upon import. If you’re still unsure, you can also send us a sample copy of the CSV directly via email to, and we can have a look at this to provide the best recommendation. Hope this helps!



Thanks for the push in the right direction. I started from scratch and this time it worked. There must have been a control char in there somewhere and I just never went far enough back in the process to eliminate it.


Hi David,

Thanks for the update, and glad to hear you got it working now! Just let us know in case you run into anymore issues and we’re happy to help!