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String field does not support Markdown formatting


According to Configuring custom fields:
The String field is a single-line text box that allows users to enter arbitrary text. This field is similar to the Text field.
Unfortunately, the String field does not support Markdown formatting.

Is it possible to support Markdown formatting for the String field too?


Hi DKim,

Thanks for your posting! The String field type is intended for single-line text and is also usually used to store IDs, references, sometimes links and doesn’t support Markdown formatting. Markdown text is mostly used for multi-line text and blocks such as lists, tables, code blocks etc. and this wouldn’t be a good fit for a single-line field.



Usually I’m using multi-line text fields.
I’ve asked this question, because I’ve tried to use Markdown formatting in system Version field and I cannot change Type of this field.


Hi DKim,

Thanks for your feedback. This wouldn’t be supported in the Version field but you can also add this to the description of the result and this would support Markdown.




I’m trying to avoid creation of custom field, if a similar System field exists already, i.e. I don’t want to create a custom multi-line text Version field, which will support Markdown formatting.


Another option would be to add the version number to the Description field (or adding it to both fields).