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Statuses for Test Sections


Good day -
I’d like to be able to assign a status type for test sections ( containing test cases ).
Based on the Pass/Fail status of the test cases, I’d like to reflect whether the host section is Stable/Unstable.
Is this do-able? Can it be accepted as a feature request?


Hi Faisal,

Thanks for your post! Currently, sections in TestRail would only support a description field, and wouldn’t include any custom fields. Stability could also vary from release to release and run to run so I’m not sure if this would be a great indicator on the test case organization level. I recommend using the existing reports under the Reports tab to review status statistics of test cases within sections and you could always manually update the description of a section when needed to add additional information. We’re also happy to review supporting section custom fields for a future update.



Thanks for the response Marco. Reports definitely help, but setting a state for sections, really helps deliver project health (especially for non-technical stake holders) interested in tracking performances of higher level components – it’d be really nice to have that ability. Many thanks for giving this consideration.