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Status on Test Case Independent of Test Run

I want to be able to set my status from the test case without a Test Run. For example, I want to be able to do the fast entry of my test case titles and then go back in and add the details. When I initially add the test, I want it to be “incomplete”. Then when it’s done, I want to be able to set it to either Ready to Review or Untested (if it’s ready to go). I can’t find a way to add the Test Status field to display on the test case screen (text or steps)!

Can you help??

TR does not work that way. Statuses are not carried on the Repository case but in the Test Run case which is a duplicate of the test case in the Repository.

We use the Steps included checkbox (which might be a custom field for our install) and that would be a more correct way of doing things.

Again - Status goes on the test case created when a Test Run is created and Tests added to the Run/plan.

Hi qaqueen59,
I think you mixed up something here…
The test execution has a status. This is part of a result for a test in a run, where the test is a kind of an instance of a test case.

I think you’re more interested in a kind of lifecycle for the test case (definition) itself. This is not build in (with a small exception: You can create a case in the suite by defining a name only). You can simulate this feature with a custom field, having incomplete as the default.

But there is no support for a state-change-model and you can’t prevent a user to add cases to a run or execute these test (cases) which are in a not-ready status.
At selecting cases for a run, you might use this custom field to filter.

I hope I got you right. If not, don’t hesitate to ask further.