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Status id for skipped - Testrail API


Does anyone have know the status id for skipped. Need to add result using Test rail Api by passing value as skipped. Need status id for skipped.


Hi Priya,

Thanks for your posting. Skipped is a custom status your team has added and you can find the full list of statuses including IDs in the administration area (Administration > Customizations). The ID is part of the URL when you click on a status. You can also use the get_statuses API method to get the status list programmatically:

I hope this helps!



But I need to post status as skipped, not get status, please let me know how to post status for skipped. That URL helped me, but for help me for post status.


Do you mean adding a new test result with the Skipped status? You can do this by passing the ID of the Skipped status via the status_id field as part of the add_result or add_result_for_case API calls:

The ID of the Skipped status depends on your configuration (as it’s a custom status) and you can find out the ID in the UI or via the get_statuses API call as mentioned.

Or do you mean something else?



Ya got it. thank you so much for your reply.


Great to hear that and you are welcome!



Sorry for the topic updating, but when I use the Untested status I get an exception.
I use the add_results_for_cases/ and when I use the status_id for Untested case status I get the following exception "{\"error\":\"Field :results.status_id uses an invalid status (Untested).\"}"
I rechecked this status ID in Administration > Customizations and it has correct id (3)
When I change status ID for a test case from ‘3’ to another one (e.g. passed - 1, failed - 5 or partial -4) - it works. It does not work only with the ‘untested - 3’ status.
Could you please help me to solve this or give some advise.

As a temporary solution, I added new one status - ‘Untested Automation - 6’ and it works for now, but still it would be good to sort it out.