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Statistics of tests execution


Is there any report, that can show me count of passed cases by each tester for different time periods (months,weeks etc, not test runs!) ?


Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for your post! Yes, you would be able to generate a report with this information and the best report to use for this would be the Property Distribution report under the Reports tab (in the Results section). In the Grouping tab of the report options, you would choose to group the tests by ‘Tested by’. Then on the Tests tab you would create a filter to include the ‘Tested On’ field with either any of the preset timeframes or a custom timeframe if you’d prefer, as well as the ‘Status’ field with the ‘Passed’ value selected. On the Sections and Test Runs tab, you can just keep these set to ‘All’ so that you get a full number of tests for each user within the selected timeframe. This should generate what you need. Hope this helps!