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Statistics from sections on Test Run view



Shall I be able to see the stats from subsections when I’m viewing the sections status bar?

I’m using TR v 5.1
Is it the matter of some settings? Can you help me with this please?



Hello Aleksandra,

Thanks for your posting! The stats per section only include the tests of the same section and not the sub-sections so this would be the expected behavior. The Demo Brokers Limited section has no tests so an empty list of statuses/stats is expected. You can see the stats for the Demo sub-section by hovering over the stats of this section.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the feedback. Do you maybe have plans to show the stats from sub-sections in the section bar? This will be very useful for me to get the joined results for the particular sections (for example we have run with 3 sections and each of those have also some amount of subsections).



Hello Aleksandra,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, there are already plans for this but we currently don’t have an estimate for this feature. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



This would be a great feature add for our team as well. We use a lot of sections, sub-sections, and sub-sub-sections so having it be able to roll up the test status like that would be very helpful.


Thanks for your feedback, John!



Please add another vote for rolling up the sub-section test results so they can be seen at the section level.


Thanks for your feedback, Barbara, happy to add another vote :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias :slight_smile:

I also think that it would be great feature to add, as we use a lot of Test Runs with multiple sections and subsections. The overall status for sections would be a helpful.

Thanks, Wojtek


Yep, planned to look into this and thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: It’s already possible to use the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab in this case (with a section filter) but having this on the run page directly would be great to have as well.



+1 please to have a results view for sections that includes subsections. It would be even more awesome to have that be configurable so that you could see the results either way.


Hi Jan,

Thanks for the feedback, vote added!