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Static Url to show Users Last Testrail run


Hi all,
is it possible to access the last testrun from a specific creator in testrail via an static url like e.g.
e.g. https://testrail.example…com/index.php?/project/user/lastRun/

Something like this would be really helpful for us to check our automated tests results easily.

Best Regards,


Hello Robert,

Thanks for your posting. That’s not currently not possible but I’m happy to add this to our feature request list. You would usually create a new test run as part of your automation and can also generate a direct link to this run/plan as follows just with the ID:



Hi Tobias,

i know but we have the problem that we use for more then 8 DEV Teams 1 Project with more then 12 Testsuites for Components. And to keep the maintenance of the manual test cases low we report for all teams with different users to report this one development project. But this comes with the problem thats really heard to find test runs there for a specific env. / Team.

We are already using Jenkins to past out in command-line the testrail testplan link but thats for only manual qa and management not so nice for use to get testplan. Then it would be easy to integrate this runs to a confluence page with Testrail Confluence integration for each Team/ Test Env :yum:

So a static link would be really nice :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast Feedback,



Thanks for the additional details, that make sense :slight_smile: We will make sure to look into this for a future version and I’ve added this to our feature request list for now, thanks again!