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Staging a test run



I was wondering, whether something like staging a test run is supported or considered ?

Our scenario is that we have around 3-4 weeks of QA/testing phase before every release. With a growing number of test cases in the repository, it is clear, that we cannot generate a test run containing all test cases, as it will exceed the time period.

This means that we need to plan for a given test run, whether to increase manpower, or decrease the testing effort.
With this said, I like to see the possibility to stage a test run, modify it before making it active.

For now I need to create a test run and then modify it - which can be also time consuming. In this time the run is publicly available and possible assignees get informed.

Any way/idea how to have a staging process here ?


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Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting! Staged or non-public/draft test runs are currently not a built-in feature but you can simply add an additional note to the test run title, for example:

[Draft] Regular test runs title ..

You can apply the same concept to plans and plans would be a good way to group multiple, related test runs (so you don’t have too many test runs on the overview page). For planning and estimating the time required to go through test runs and plans, you can review the Progress page which gives a good overview of the estimate and other progress related metrics.



yeah that was what I thought. Hoped for something ot of the box, but thanks for the answer !


Hello Andreas,

Currently not, but we are happy to look into this. Thanks again for the suggestion!