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SSO for TestRail using Jira to authenticate?


We recently added the Jira integration with TestRail to our Jira cloud and people like it however not all our Jira users have access to TestRail.

Is there a way that all our Jira Users can have automatic access to our TestRail cloud? Do you have SSO etc… what do we have to do to get this and of course our current license will have to change since we have only a small amount of users, maybe enterprise etc…

Maybe something that we can take offline but want to know what we need to do to allow all our Jira users to have access to TestRail without them having to do much.



Thank you for your post. Like with most applications, you would need a license or subscription for every person using and benefiting from TestRail, regardless of the user permissions. It would be very problematic if we had a different system and we would likely also have to increase the regular user price if we offered such licenses. Instead we offer the same low license or subscription price for all users.

In our experience teams benefit from giving their developers or management team direct access to TestRail so they can contribute to test cases, view test results and run reports to stay up to date on the latest testing efforts. You can alternatively also generate reports and forward/download/share TestRail’s HTML reports with persons who don’t have a TestRail login if this works better for your team though.