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Specifying configuration in /add_plan API


As part of integrating Bamboo with TestRail, I create Testplan on the fly using the add_plan API. We have bamboo plan, which run some set of tests against various browsers. These Browsers are configurations in TestRail.

Because TestPlan need to be created on the fly, I need to be able to pass in the testsrail configuration in the add_plan API. Current, the API does not allow passing in of configuration

Post arguments:

  • name
  • description
  • milestone_id
  • suite_ids (comma-separated list of IDs)

It is possible to update/enhance this API so that we can pass the configuration string (‘Firefox’, ‘IE’, etc) as a post argument ?

Ideally the API should return some error is the configuration name does not exist in the available configurations.




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Extending the API is planned but I don’t have a time frame for this currently, unfortunately. The API currently always uses the name of the test suite for new test runs. As a workaround, you could use standalone test runs and specify the configuration as part of the test run name in the meantime.