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Specific JIRA credentials integration



I have an issue with JIRA integration, I cannot figure out how separate accounts.
I mean where to configure each testrail user’s JIRA credentials so that the defect push is not done with same JIRA user?

In my actual configuration, (from administration->Integration I set JIRA_USER and JIRA_PASSWORD) all the testrail user push the defects from Testrail, and these defects from JIRA pov are reported with same jira user.

How can I configure a JIRA_USER and a JIRA_PASSWORD for each testrail user?


Hi Fred,

Thanks for your posting! Each user can enter the credentials under My Settings and this looks as follows:

The fallback credentials you enter on Administration > Integration are used if the user-specific settings are not set. Otherwise, TestRail will try to use the user-specific username and password for the integration.

I hope this helps!




Thank you!


Hi Fred,

Great to hear this helps :slight_smile: