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Specific characters not displayed correctly in excel file after export


Hi guys

I write my test cases in french so I have specific characters such as accents.
I exported some of them in an Excel file and the accents are not displayed correctly. They are not interpreted well.
Is there a way to fix that?

Thanks for your answer.



Hi Stéphanie,

TestRail fully supports that and exports test cases as Unicode (UTF-8 format). Excel often detects this automatically but sometimes it’s necessary to tell Excel to use the correct encoding. This works as follows:

(see the first answer)

I hope this helps!



@tgurock , when exporting data, what is the difference between ''export to CSV" and “Export to excel” in Test Rail - as I can see in both cases the file is exported in csv format.


Hi Bln,

Thanks for your reply! Both the Excel and CSV exports produce a .CSV file, and it’s just that the Excel export is optimized for Excel whereas the CSV export always produces a comma-separated CSV file. The Export and CSV look similar/the same in most cases but may differ depending on the locale of the TestRail user and may also use something else than a comma as a delimiter (e.g., a semi-colon as some Excel environments expect this). We chose the CSV format for Excel as well because CSV files work with every Excel version and also other spreadsheet applications such as Google Spreadsheets or Numbers on the Mac. Hope this helps!