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Special userrole to see all projects possible?


Hi there,

our default access per project is “no access” and every user who must have acces to a project will be added manually.

Is it possible to create a role or something similiar, that some users are able to have full permissions on every project, without add them every time manually if new project will be created?

thx, Jan


what do you mean with “add them every time manually” ?

When you create a new project you can directly set the permissions under the “Access” - and if you have the privileged people in a group, you can simply set the role for this group.

Hope I understood the question correctly


Yes, I know, but I would prefer to skip this step and have a group which has some kind of superduperadministrative-permissions to have access to every single project.


Any user that is an Administrator should be able to have access to all Projects.


This is partly right: An administrator is able to give itself acces to every project via the administrative area of testrail, but he has not access until this is done. (This could be an option…)


Hello Jan,

Thanks for your posting! No Access would apply to all users and you would need to set the permissions for all users then. This is the whitelist approach that works well if you have many users and only a small(er) subset of your users should get access to select projects. A blacklist approach also works well in many cases and this means leaving the default access as Global Role and then denying access to select users or groups (by overriding the access to No Access for the user or groups).

In general, if you have many users and you can easily categorize them into groups (e.g. internal team, a client, etc.), I can also recommend using user groups for managing permissions. This makes it much more convenient to work with larger sets of users.