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Sorting test cases disables "Show all sections and cases" button


Running Test Rail V2.7.1.2102

Access a test suite
Multiple test sections created under the test suite
Click on “is_automatable” heading/link at top of column to sort test cases by that attribute

All tests now display in one section.
Click on “Show all sections and cases” button at top of page but still only a single section is displayed.

The only way I could find to get the multiple test sections to display for this or any other suite again is to create a test case, delete the test case and then click the link for the section in which the test case was created.

Once you navigate away from the suite, the multi-section view is once again lost.

Tested on a coworkers machine. He had no problem with the “show all sections” button until he sorted on the column link too. Now he has the same problem.

Tested with Firefox 22, 23 and IE 9 and saw same results.

Is this a known issue?




Thanks for your posting. When sorting the test cases by a specific attribute, TestRail no longer displays the test cases with the standard section grouping. Depending on the attribute, TestRail displays the test cases in a single, sorted group/section (as in your case) or in multiple groups (for “group-able” attributes, such as Priority or Type, for example).

You can reset the grouping to sections via the little X icon next to the is_automatable column header. If you don’t see this X, please increase the width of the column via the Select Columns dialog.



That did the trick…thanks!


You are welcome!