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Sorting sections



Is it possible to sort only sections, not globally ?

When I now set “Sort” to e.g. “Title”, it is globally sorted and e.g. section information is removed - I cannot find the option to only sort a specific section:

This would include the possibility to sort test cases of a section, but also subsections.


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. The sort/order feature always sorts/orders/groups by the attribute you select. So if you sort/order by section, TestRail would show your cases in the natural section/case order (grouped by section). If you sort by non-groupable attributes instead (such as ID or Title), TestRail would display this as a single group, ordered by the requested attribute. Ordering within sections is currently not possible but if this is only relevant for a single section, you can combine a section filter and sort option.

I hope this helps!



Is there a way to sort the sections within a test suite by the section title? It would be helpful to be able to order the sections alphabetically when there are many sections within a suite.


Hi @j8p,

Sorting/grouping by section will always use the “natural” order in the suite but you can change the order of the sections in the sidebar via drag & drop. Please note that this will actually change the suite/section order and not just the way how the suite/list is displayed (so, this will also change the order of the sections for all other users).