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Sorting of user names AND Hide "Start Progress"


Hi there,

i have two litte questions:

  1. is it possible to change the way user names are sorted ? For example if want to assing a testcase to a tester, the names in the dropdown are sorted by the first name. Which is basaically the way I entered the name in the “Full name” field e.g. Jon Doe. It will be sorted by J not by D

  2. is there a way to hide the “start progress” button within the testcase, since we are not using it and it confuses the testers ?


  1. I solved this by “simply” renaming the users from e.g. Jon Doe to Doe Jon



Thanks for your posting and please see below for my answers:

  1. TestRail always uses the full name for the sort order and you can influence this by changing the names as you’ve mentioned. It’s currently not supported to change the sorting behavior itself (e.g., based on the last name or similar).

  2. It’s possible to hide this via UI scripts in general, but the issue is that the sidebar is refreshed after you add a test result or comment (and this would bring back the Progress section again). If this isn’t a problem, I’m happy to prepare a small UI script example for this.



I just stumbled over this issue again.
I understood from your posting above, that hiding the “start progress” button is not that simple and will come back to the sidebar as it refreshes.

This brings me to the point, that the behaviour of the sidebar in general is very “annoying”.
If you have a lot of sections in die “Suites & Cases” tab for example, you have the grouping on the right sidebar. And there is this little “needle” to pin it down.

  1. issue: sections and subsections are shown as folders that can be unfolded. Everytime I change anything in a test case all “closed” folders are unfolded again

  2. issue: I really have a lot of sections and subsections in the right sidebar. It is a scrollable list. Once I click the needle to pin down the sidebar, it is not scrollable anymore. I can only see the lengt of one screen



Thanks for your posting and your feedback. We know that the current tree/sidebar behavior is not optimal in every case and we have worked on this in the recent months.

The behavior of the sidebar and group tree will vastly improve with the next large TestRail update (4.0). For example, you will be able to scroll the sidebar tree independently of the page. TestRail will also remember the group selection and expand/collapse state when switching pages. It will also be supported to change the width of the sidebar (and therefore tree) and this makes it much easier to work with larger test suites and runs.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



Hi Tobias,

this would realy help a LOT !

The obvious question: when do you expect do deliver these features ? :slight_smile:



Good to hear that this would help. The 4.0 is scheduled for this quarter and the new version is coming along nicely. Sorry to be a bit vague but the exact feature set can still change a bit so it’s difficult to provide a more specific estimate at this point.