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Sorting Data in Reports


Hello all! I use a number of reports for myself and my team, and we’re quite comfortable with the data that results. However, I need to send a PDF of a report for tests that must be conducted on customer sites as opposed to internally.

My issue is that I don’t seem to be able to control the sorting in the report. I am filtering by a field “Case Status” which is reporting only the test cases I want to see. This is good, but then it just lists all of the test cases - does not seem to be in test case ID order, and I see no control to allow me to choose a sorting method.

What I really want to be able to do is sort by Title (we use abbreviations to identify specific modules in our test case title). This would allow the Tech Support Manager to assign all “AA - Verify…blah” to rep1, all “BB - Test …blah” to rep2, etc.

I already tried changing the order of the columns on the report, hoping that the sort would occur on the first column, but that didn’t work. Am I missing something really simple?

Thanks, I appreciate any assistance,


Were your test cases arranged in the Test Cases tab with case id in numeric order?
In our reports I notice that the sorting of case id is based in the order the tests are listed in the test cases section.
As an example - I created test cases C001, C002, C003, C004. Later on I created C025 and moved it to sit between C001 and C002 as it was logical, functionality wise, for it to be with those tests.
Therefore, when I export a report, that includes all these tests, the test sorting is C001, C025, C002, C003, C004.


Hi - what you described probably explains the order of the cases on the report - thanks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get me to what I need. Hoping TestRail support reads/replies - how can I implement a sort order for a field other than test case id in the report?


Hi Fran,

Thanks for the post! Currently, TestRail reports are only sortable by the order of test cases within your project and would not have additional sorting capabilities.

I will add your vote to our existing feature request for additional sorting options within reports.

In the meantime, you may be able to export your tests or test run to CSV instead and apply any needed sorting and selection to those cases within Excel or another spreadsheet tool.

I hope this is helpful,