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Sorting by "Tested On" should put Untested cases at the bottom of list


I’m still in the “Getting to learn” TestRail stages, and noticed something peculiar. I have a Test Run with 6 test cases in it. I wanted to make a report because as I was going through the 6 test cases, the 4th one failed so I couldn’t complete the 5th and 6th. So when I went to create a Report of this Test Run, sorted by Tested On, it displayed the Untested features first. I would have expected that, since they weren’t tested, the Tested On field would sort them at the end, rather than at the beginning.

I guess the alternative would be for me to add a “Blocked” test result. Is this what the suggested workflow is in this type of scenario?


Hello Ben,

Thanks for your posting. Could you please provide a few additional details on this? For example, which report are you referring to (e.g. which report on the Reports tab)?