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Sorting by priority at Test Plan level


We have a Test Plan we use for regression, with several Test Runs within it, and each TC inside has its own priority. We won’t usually have time to hit 100% of the TRs, so we’d like to test the top priority ones first. However, having to go within each Test Run and sort at that level is time consuming, and it’s difficult to get an overall picture of our progress.

I can think of two possible solutions to our problem:

  • Is there some way to group all Test Runs within a Test Plan together, and then sort by priority?
  • Even if we can’t sort by priority at Test Plan level, could we get a report that gives percentage of, say, Priority 4 and Priority 5 TRs that have been completed within a Test Plan?

Are either of these possible already, or plans to add in near future? Is there another way we could handle working on top-priority TRs within a Test Plan?



Thanks for your posting. There is currently no support for grouping and viewing tests at the test plan level. I would recommend starting with a test plan with just the priority 5/4 test cases (via the selection filtering when adding test runs to the plans). When you then find that you have more time you can always add the priority 3/2/1 test cases later to the test plan as well. This way, the statistics would also only include the relevant test cases (priority 5/4, later 3/2/1 etc.).

Would this work for you?

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.