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Some praise!


I just managed to install and try SmartInspect. Wow…

Once in a very long while there’s some software that I use for no more than five minutes, and I know immediately what it’s about and that it’s an absolute must.

In fact it happened to me twice before. First, over 7 years ago, I tried the demo for a game called System Shock 2. I played for no more than 5-10 minutes, went at Futureshop and and bought it. I’m a gamer at heart and this never happened to me on any other game, not before and not since.

Next it was an application called Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems. It’s an UML modeling app where you can input your requirements, design anything, etc. After trying many such app, including BDS’s together support, I tried E.A. Again, I knew exactly that it was great and at the risk of sounding overly dramatic, it saved my life on the project I am on. There’s no way I could have managed all the information I had without it.

And now SmartInspect. I have the exact same feeling; this is a must have! The console is a great piece of software, and logging functions are many so I can have the log contain exactly what I want. Hell, you can even dump objects, images, memory, values! And the emails I sent to the support were answered almost immediately and helped me get S.I. working in no time!

Maybe I’ll find a fatal flaw when I have given it a proper workout. I doubt it. At a venerable age like mine, you start to know what you like and what you don’t, what works and what doesn’t! (j/k) :wink:

Now I need to start saving to buy it when my trial runs out…

Anyway. Dennis and Tobias, you built an outstanding app. Congratulations and thank you!




Thank you for your nice feedback! Obviously, we love reading such comments from our users and it always encourages us to continue working on all the details that make the difference. Thanks again! :slight_smile: