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Som uses cases steps are not available after xml import from Testlink



I encountered a problem when I import some xml tests cases from Testlink.
I used the right conversion script (1.9 and above) to convert the Testlink xml to TestRail xml before import the tests cases. And at the first time everything seems fine.

But when I’m look in details each cases, I discovered that the steps are missing for the tests cases which are at the 4th level. The title is displayed, but the steps don’t.

The tests cases that I’ve imported are organize like this :

`  G - 10 - First level
   G - 10 - 02 - FD - Second level
   G - 10 - 02 - 01 - Third level
   G - 10 - 02 - 01 - 01 - Fourth level

Is everyone already having this kind of problem ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Thanks for your posting. Is this only the case for the cases at the 4th level and beyond? Or also for other cases? Could you please check if the steps etc. are actually included in the exported XML file by TestLink?