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SOLVED - Enumeration Bug within the test steps?


I currently cannot reproduce everything I just saw this morning, but at least a bit of it.
When i use enumerations withins test steps like
and save the test case, something strange happens :slightly_smiling:
See screenshots.

View in editor:

After saving:


Since it is all in a line - probably a markup item but not sure how/why you would have steps listed like that without doing a new line for each one.


Hello Cyrus,

Thanks for your posting! The text is interpreted by TestRail’s rich-text format and rendered as an (ordered) list including sub-lists. If you don’t need or want the rich-text formatting for your separated steps, you can disable this option as part of the custom field options (Administration > Customizations > edit the field, then the project/field options above the Save button).

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias for clarifying.


You are welcome, Cyrus!