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SoapUI and TestRail - Update Test Status


SoapUI and TestRail Integration

Since it took me close to a week to come up with this, I thought it would be valuable to share with the community.

Here is a quick lessons learned for beginners trying to post a status update to TestRail via an HTTP request with JSON using SoapUI

PreReqs on Terminology

TestRail Values: (note when using these values in a request with the latest version of TestRail, you omit the alpha character, but its handy for reference)
R169 - This is the run value
T17769 - This is the Test Value
C3651 - This is the Test Case Value

1. Ensure API is enabled!
It was not appearant as a standard user that our TestRail server did not have the API enabled. Check with your system Admin or if you have admin privledges. Go to Administration->Site Settings->API to turn it on.

2. Make sure your header and Security is setup properly
2a. Setting up the Header in SoapUI

  • In the SoapUI Test Case, select the Headers Tab
  • Enter Content-Type in the box under Header
  • Enter application/json in the box under value

2b. Setting Up Authentication

  • In the SoapUI Test Case, select the Type of Authorization (for this example Basic)
  • Enter User Name (the one that you would login to the TestRail webpage)
  • Enter Password (self explanatory)
  • Select Authenticate pre-emptively

3. Setting up your Test Case (See attached Screenshot)
Method - POST (for this Example POST because we are updating a Test Status)
Request URL - http://SERVERNAMEXYZ/testrail/index.php?/api/v2/add_result/17769
Parameters (the Name Value boxes right below the Request URL ) - Leave these blank
Body Text - This is where you put the values you want to update the test case with

“status_id”: 5,
“comment”: “failed Homie”

To assign a
Pass Status use “status_id”: 1
Fail Status use “status_id”: 5

You can see a list of valid values that can be used in the body in the response results. (id, test_id, etc)

Posting a Result using "add_result" with json

Thanks a lot for sharing this, Derek, that’s appreciated!



You’re Welcome. Hope it helps.


Yep, definitely great to have, thanks again.



Hi Derek,
If you are trying to integrate readyAPI with TestRail, you may want to try this out

disclaimer: I work for agiletestware and firefly is a commercial product.


Hi @dgorney

How did you get the id for add result automatically?


Hi rocuge,

Thank you for the post. In order to get this, you could use the get_plans/get_plan and/or get_run/get_runs methods, you could then add results to your tests. Once you have this, you can submit your result using the following methods:


Hello @martylavender


could I get test case run id based on RUN_ID + CASE_ID?