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So tasks are not created as part of the test cases



I’m eval’ing Test Rail. I like it. But my boss wants us to have every test as a TASK (or test task) in JIRA.
He has some queries that he runs that accounts for our activity.

From what I am seeing, we use TestRail Projects to create all our tests and will have to create additional tasks in Jira then link them.

I went through your training videos but thought i’d ask just in case it was a ‘hidden’ feature.

I have that right, right?
Thanks for your time


Hi Steph,

Thanks for your post! Typically you would use JIRA to create your user stories/requirements/tasks and can then use these as a guide when designing your test cases. You could then use TestRail’s References field to link these test cases to their JIRA stores/requirements/tasks/etc. There isn’t a feature to automatically duplicate these test cases as tasks in JIRA. That said, you could export these via CSV and look into ways to import these into JIRA as tasks (e.g. via JIRA’s CSV import feature) to make it easier to create these quicker in JIRA. JIRA’s import wizard allows you to map fields as needed during import similar to TestRail’s import tool. This would be the recommended approach for this.

Depending on the metrics your boss is looking into, you can also consider using TestRail’s reports and configure these to be scheduled automatically to your boss so that he can track TestRail activity as well (and you can configure these to be e-mailed to non-TestRail users as well).

Hope this helps!