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SMTP With O365 Not Working

I am try to integrate O365 SMTP, but there is no option for TLS, do we need any config change to integrate O365.


Aditya Vijjan

HI Aditya,

Thanks for the post! TestRail doesn’t currently support TLS, so you would ideally use SSL if Office365 supports this. You can alternatively set up a local SMTP service on your TestRail server and configure it to forward all emails via TLS to the real SMTP.

This would be easy to do on both Windows (e.g. with the IIS SMTP service that’s part of Windows) or Linux (via the default mail service of your distribution). We do plan to look into supporting StartTLS for the SMTP integration with Office 365 in the future as well. You can also find additional links and discussion on the following forum thread:

Hope this helps,