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SmartInspectConsole with text log


The output of java implementation of smartinspect allows send out clear text. This type of file can’t be loaded by SmartInspectConsole. Because the exotic pattern used the log can’t be displayed with logFactor5 or chainsaw. This can make large log file unused.



Hello Aurelian,

We designed the text protocol as addition to the standard binary log file format in order to provide a log format for end-users.

It is very common that applications need both extensive log data for developers and a lightweight/small log file for end-users which can be read without any special viewer application. For the first requirement, we have the standard binary log file format which can be opened by the SmartInspect Console and for the second, we later added this simple text file format. The pattern string can actually be configured (with the ‘pattern’ option), so it might still be possible to load it with logFactor or chainsaw.

However, for big log files, we recommend using the standard log format in order to be able to use the unique navigation/search and filter features of the SmartInspect Console.


Can you give me one sample pattern that can be used by SmartInspect to have the same effect with this

used by java?



A very similar pattern string would be: