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SmartInspect V. Codesight


How is SmartInspect different than codesight


Hello Mike,

SmartInspect contains many advanced features that cannot be found in CodeSite. Additionally, some of our customers who switched from CodeSite to SmartInspect told us why they switched. I will try to highlight the biggest differences here:

  • The SmartInspect Console and the libraries are much faster. Some of our customers explicitly told us that the big performance difference was the reason for their switch.

  • The SmartInspect libraries do not use window messages for the communication with the viewer application (Console). Our customers told us that the Windows messages that CodeSite uses are very problematic. They cannot easily debug Windows services, for example, and Windows itself slows down extremely when there are many messages sent.

  • The SmartInspect libraries do not need a dispatcher like CodeSite. The dispatcher found in CodeSite is a real deployment headache. In order to log files, you need to install a dispatcher. This is often not bearable when using log files on customer machines. It looks like there is a way to use log files without the dispatcher, but that is only possible from one thread, so it is not really practical. The SmartInspect libraries, on the other hand, are fully thread-safe, synchronized and support as many threads as you need even without a program such as the dispatcher.

  • SmartInspect contains the ProcessFlow functionality that shows all monitored processes and threads at-a-glance. You can directly create views from the ProcessFlow toolbox to see all the log entries for the specified thread/process.

  • The AutoView functionality found in the SmartInspect Console is much more flexible than the equivalent that can be found in CodeSite. AutoView rules can be used to automatically create views based on certain criteria.

  • SmartInspect ships with a full native Java library. CodeSite doesn’t support Java as far as I know.

  • Despite the additional features, SmartInspect is more affordable.

  • Trial version: you can test SmartInspect before you buy it and you get an additional 30 days money-back garantuee after the purchase. We are very confident about SmartInspect and we want that our customers really love it when they buy it.

These are only the main differences. There are many additional features in SmartInspect which cannot be found in CodeSite. Just to list a few: better export, advanced watches, view categories, more viewers, better collaboration features and so on.

I’m sure I missed a lot of differences. However, you can download and test the SmartInspect trial for 30 days. I recommend that you do this if you are interested in SmartInspect.