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SmartInspect objects



Just testing SmartInspect because i’m used to Codesite
With codesite its possible to have an active viewer to send messages to. It seems that SmartInspects viewer is used to show the contents of files, right? or can i also use the viewer at run time to see the messages?

Second, If i send the same object twice (for instance my form) and in between i changed the place of the form, when i select the two lines of the form i will see the differences in the object inspecter so only the top and left properties of the form because these where changed,

Is this possible with SmartInspect?



Thanks for your posting. The SmartInspect Console also supports live logging, similar to CodeSite. SmartInspect supports two different protocols for this (TCP and named pipes). TCP is usually used for remote logging and named pipes for live logging on the same machine. You can enable/configure live logging as follows:

Si.Connections := ‘pipe()’; // or ‘tcp(host=…)’ for TCP/IP

Local live logging via named pipes is actually the default configuration that is used when you don’t explicitly set the Connections property.

Comparing two log messages (e.g. two objects) is currently not supported by the SmartInspect Console unfortunately.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.