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SmartInspect log stopped working intermittently, CPU consumption is high

Dear Gurock Support Team,

We are using smartInspect for logging the info, warning, error from our aplication.


We do have the followings issues with this smart inspect tool.

  • Stopped working intermittently
  • CPU consumption is high

Stopped working intermittently:

This SmartInspect log was useful during troubleshooting when there is an issue, the one major issue with this tool is sometimes it stopped working. Not creating any smart inspect log files.
We noticed more than 2 hours and 3 hours log file was not generated. After restarting the IIS it would start working and creating log files.

CPU consumption is high:
We worked with Microsoft Support for one of the issue reported by customer for the application slowness. Microsoft Support suspecting the smart inspect component, please refer their comments below and provide us the details to communicate to them.

 Most of the threads are either waiting for Garbage Collection (GC) to finish, or trying to allocate memory and hence waiting also for GC to finish, or trying to acquire a lock on an object (I see places where calling the method Gurock.SmartInspect.SmartInspect.ProcessPacket triggers this) but waiting for another thread to let go which in turn is not letting go because it, again, waiting for GC to finish.

Can you please let me know what does ProcessPacket in Gurock.SmartInspect.SmartInspect.ProcessPacket do in detail?

Thanking you
Marimuthu Sakthivel

Hello Marimuthu,

Thank you for your message! Please note that while many teams continue to utilize SmartInspect for debugging and monitoring software applications, there are no current plans towards development and new software updates.

We are currently reviewing the future of SmartInspect and I just wanted to update you on this.

That said, SmartInspect’s documentation and API reference is directly included in the product.

Simply select Help > SmartInspect Help in the SmartInspect Console to launch the online help.