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SmartInspect Evaluation


I am in the process of putting together some information for my organization about SmartInspect. I have submitted a couple posts during my evaluation process and I am pleased with the timeliness of your responses. So, that’s a plus. Can you tell me what your release cycle is and what we can expect as far as your QA process? I want to assure my colleagues that this will continue to be supported and enhanced and that we won’t be subjected to an unstable application.



Hi Chad,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, SmartInspect is fully supported and we release updates for issues / problems as needed. We are not currently working on a new major version of SmartInspect, but this is mainly because SmartInspect is already a very mature product and most of the things we would like to see in SmartInspect are already implemented. We can also usually provide hotfixes for library-side issues quickly and as you have full access to the library’s source code, you can apply changes to it even without having to wait for a new update. That said, the code is very stable and well-tested and is in use by many teams.

I hope this helps.