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SmartInspect Delphi Plugin feature request



Would it be possible to detect keyword “exit” in procedure body and insert LeaveMethod before it? Sometimes it would be necessary to wrap “exit” with begin end.

best regards
Piotr Rezmer


Hello Piotr,

Thanks for the suggestion. This feature is already on our feature request list. I’m not sure if it will be integrated in the first real version of the plugin (the currently available is still beta), but I also think it’s quite important.


Hello, again.
It would be nice to extend information in EnterMethod(). Currently only method name is given. It would be useful to add ClassName() as well, especially when using override for base methods. Otherwise it’s not possible to distinguished which method is entered.


Hello Piotr,

This is already possible. You can pass an object to the EnterMethod/LeaveMethod method family. The ClassName of this object is then included in the resulting log message. The Delphi Plugin, for example, uses this functionality in instance methods to pass the ‘Self’ reference to EnterMethod/LeaveMethod. In static methods, which cannot access the ‘Self’ reference, the plugin includes the class name as part of the string:

SiMain.EnterMethod(Self, 'Method'); // Instance methods SiMain.EnterMethod('TObject.Method'); // Class (static) methods