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SmartInspect Console crashes


I am running 64-bit Windows 8. A client sent me a large .sil file generated by our product (1.115 GB). I tried to open it in the SmartInspect Console. It gets about 70% done loading the .sil file (around 560k packets). Any thoughts on this? Anything I can do to get access to the log data?


Forgot to mention: my SmartInspect version is SmartInspect Professional v3.3.3.72.


I just downloaded and installed 3.3.4. Now the Console version is It is still crashing when attempting to load that file, around the same point.


I received an email back from Gurock. Here’s what they said:

Please split the SmartInspect log file into smaller pieces as the Console cannot display such large log files (this is a memory-based limitation). SmartInspect comes with a split tool and you can download this from the Extras page:

(SmartInspect Resource Kit)

We recommend log files of 100MB or less. You could also look into using SmartInspect’s log file rotation feature to automatically generate smaller chunks.


Here’s a bit more information:

  • The Resource Kit is a VS2005 project.
  • The solution also requires the SmartInspect SDK, which is another VS2005 project you can download at the same link.
  • I opened both projects in VS2012 and they updated without a problem.
  • I built SmartInspect SDK and then updated the references in the Resource Kit solution to point to the newly built Gurock.SmartInspect.SDK.dll file.
  • I copied the following files to a folder and ran the split program from there:


  • I copied my large log.sil file to a folder and then went to that folder in a command prompt.
  • I ran the following command-line:

\SmartInspectSplit /in:log.sil /out:logsplit.sil /size:100

The result was 11 files with names like logsplit0.sil.


Thanks for summarizing this, that’s appreciated!