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Smartinspect Apple Os X


I have a question regarding apple’s OS.

what are our options if we want to use SmartInspect in Os X

is there any planned version for Mac Os. Can the c# library be use with xamarin or monomac?
Or are we forced using the java library.
Thank you.



There’s currently no officially supported/tested way to use SmartInspect with OS X. The Java library may work but this wasn’t tested so we cannot really support it unfortunately. I don’t think that the .NET/C# library works with Mono because Gurock.SmartInspect.dll uses some native Windows functions (mainly for the named pipe handling). The only option would be to write a small library yourself using the protocol and log format documentation:



You cannot use the C# assemblies with Xamarin or MonoMac, however you can use the source code of the client libraries and “hack” them for use with those. I have done it for Xamarin MonoTouch earlier, but have not updated them with newer library versions, so it is definitely possible.

Basically, from what I remember, I had to comment out methods that dealt with things only available on Windows or in .NET, like Bitmap, named pipes, etc. Some methods I had to change the code in in order to handle things in MonoTouch, such as NSDate, etc.

It was doable, took me a few hours one night. Unfortunately the classes now contain lots of proprietary code that I’ve added since then so I am not in a position to share the files as they are, but I’d be happy to help you get a Xamarin version going.