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SmartInspect 3.3.2 released


The SmartInspect 3.3.2 release is now available. This release is a maintenance release which fixes some issues and adds several smaller features.

What’s New
The following list displays all changes of the SmartInspect 3.3.2 release at a glance.

]Added: Find Previous action for finding previous log entries in a view (Ctrl+F3)[/]
]Added: Support for regular expressions in view/AutoView/marker filters for strings (session, host names and application names). Regular expressions can be enabled by prepending string filters with ‘re:’[/]
]Added: Alt-shortcuts for Find dialog[/]
]Changed: Dialog for adding/editing entries for the watches graph is now resizable[/]
]Fixed: Potential memory leak with ResetCheckpoint/AddCheckpoint functions (Delphi only)[/]
]Fixed: Shortcut conflicts of Delphi IDE plugin with built-in action (e.g CPU windows)[/]
]Fixed: Access to named pipes of Console/Router is limited to administrator and the same user that started the Console/Router[/]
]Fixed: Possible disposed exception in asynchronous mode when logging log entries with attached data (.NET only)[/]
]Fixed: Possible null exception in Linq2SQL adapter with non-standard Linq2SQL providers (.NET only)[/*]

As usual, customers can download the new version from our customer portal at My The updated trial version can be downloaded from our website.