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[SmartInspect] merging log files


[SmartInspect + Delphi2009]

Can you please confirm that I cannot easily setup SmartInspect with Delphi, so that each *.exe or *.dll bundled together into a single functional application, can log into a same log (.sil) file.
If I want this, I’ll need to setup “SmartInspect Router” ( for each client where the application is installed.
Isn’t it?
Note I read this also ->


Hello Didier,

Thanks for your posting. You can actually log to the same log file with your .exe and .dlls by following this article (using Delphi packages):

You wouldn’t need to install/use the Router application for this. I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Many Thanks Tobias!
Its just what I wanted :slight_smile:


You are welcome, Didier!