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SmartInspect 2.x and Vista


I am using SmartInspect with windows vista and IIS.
Under XP I get logging through tcp and file but when I setup my web application under Vista Ultimate, no logging occurs at all.

Any ideas?


Hello Darren,

I suspect that this has something to do with the access rights of your web application. Vista has changed a lot in this regard when compared to XP. To check if this is really the problem, it would be great if you can assign an event handler to the SmartInspect Error event and see if your handler is called. An event handler can be assigned as follows:

[code]public static void EventHandler(object sender, ErrorEventArgs args)
// Output the exception


// Register our event handler for the error event.
SiAuto.Si.Error += new ErrorEventHandler(EventHandler);

[code]Sub EventHandler(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Args As ErrorEventArgs)
’ Output the error

End Sub

’ Register our event handler for the error event.
AddHandler SiAuto.Si.Error, AddressOf EventHandler

In the error event handler, you can either set a break point or output the passed exception as part of the ASP.NET page.