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Small Bug



I think I have detect a small bug. If I using the fantastic feature to configure sessions with the configuration builder to setup the several sessions then the builder create some entries beginning with Session.SessionName…
Unfortunately during the loading process the parser (Delphi) look for session.SessionName… also with an small s at start and can’t find the session settings.

LIndex := SiPos(SiSessionPrefix, LKey);
if LIndex <> 1 then

SISessionPrefix is defined

SiSessionPrefix : UnicodeString = ‘session.’;

I can resolve the problem by editing the source but for the next version it would by nice to fix this.


Hello Stephan,

Yep, looks like a bug. Will be fixed in the next release, thanks. The Builder should actually output a lowercase ‘s’. You can still use these configuration files without changing the library source if you manually change the ‘S’ to ‘s’.