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Slack Integration for Case Failure Reporting


Is there a way to output test results into a Slack channel for high test run visibility?

Email Report When a Test Fails

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the post! Currently, there is no integration in TestRail that would post testing data to Slack or other internal communication tools. That being said, we are exploring adding in this feature, and I’ve added your vote to the internal request to help us prioritize future updates.

For now, the best way to set up an integration with Slack is outlined in the post here: Getting TestRail notifications to Slack

The basic gist would be to set up an email notification to a generic user email address that Slack could parse and post relevant info about.

I can’t give any specifics about when or if a full Slack integration would be available, but it is definitely something we’ll be exploring in future updates.


Hi Scott,

Slack is very popular messaging tool these days. The integration to TestRail should be done on priority,