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"Skipped" test execution status



In some cases we want to skip test case execution. Currently the options are: Passed, Blocked, Retest, Failed, and untested (default). None of these states really indicates that the execution has been skipped (typically for a good reason).

One option would be to remove skipped TC from test run. This would increase maintenance overhead and skipped TC’s would not be visible in test reports.

Any workarounds or future plans for adding this kind of execution state in TestRail?



Hello Ilkka,

Thanks for the feedback. It’s likely that we will allow customers to configure a few custom test results in the future or directly add the Skipped state. I’ve added the Skipped state to our feature request list and added the link to this discussion to the other relevant requests we have.



Just wondering if this feature is on the roadmap for an update anytime soon. I really like using TestRail but this is one of my biggest frustrations. I often need to mark a test result something other than passed/failed/retest/blocked (all of which have very clear meanings that I rely on in my reporting) to reflect that it just isn’t finished. Usually it’s simply that the tester didn’t have time to get done, or has a question and didn’t finish. Something like ‘Unfinished’ would do the trick, or allowing users to customize this field to add values beyond the four that come by default.



Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we would like to work on this for one of the next updates and it’s one of the more often requested enhancements. I understand that custom statuses would be useful to have and we’ve already looked into the implementation details for this. I cannot promise this for any specific release, but it has a higher priority for us.



Hi Dennis,

Is it working now this “canceled” status?


Custom Statuses are now in TR.


Tks a lot BGanger,

Do you know when probably will be in production?

Tks again!


I guess I am not understanding the question. You can add in custom statuses like Cancelled or Skipped for the last couple versions/iterations… Administration --> Customizations --> Statuses


Its about this first question sent from Ikkak ,

I need a status like a Canceled or skipped than when i change it for my grafic or my full status does not count that case.

I can’t remove tests than will be canceled.


Hello Dingler,

Thanks for your posting! You can add custom statuses under Administration > Customizations in the administration area. For statuses such as Canceled or Not Applicable, we would recommend removing those tests from the runs instead and you can simply change the case selection when editing the test run or plan.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,


Will be created one Status witch that behavior?


Hello Dingler,

You can simply add a custom status under Administration > Customizations but for irrelevant test cases in a run, we would recommend removing the cases from the case selection instead.