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Size of images shown in steps of a test case


I am new to testrail and searched luckless within the forum. I have configured the test case to show steps. To add images to the steps is helpful but I am just wondering if it is possible to reduce the displayed size in a step to 25% and to show the image after a click at 100%. It would be much easier to read when images can be resized if necessary.
And I am not able to find a menu to view/edit/delete the uploaded images? Maybe someone could help?

kind regards,

Is there a way to resize a image attachment inside TestRail?

Hello Daniela,

Thanks for your posting. Screenshots in steps should already appear resized (with a fixed width), can you confirm this? They are expanded to 100% once you click on them.



Dear Tobias,

yes they already appear resized but I want to change the fixed width of the images…



Hello Daniela,

Thanks for the update. It’s currently not really supported to change the fixed width but we will make sure to look into this. I assume you want to increase the size a bit?


Dear Tobias,
No, i want to decrease it.
The image shall only be a hint for those who need them. e.g. to find a specific menu or button.


Thanks for the additional details, Daniela! We will make sure to look into this for a future version.