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Single file XML or CSV exports of Project with suites?


We are planning stages of exporting a few dozen projects from version and reimporting to A few of these projects have a suites.

Is it possible to export as an XML or CSV for a whole projects with all of attached suites to a single file and reimport?

If not, what would be the best way to attack this problem?

I spotted an older message chain about this same subject but it looks to be a dead topic and I did not want to dig up a dead thread.

Any help would be great.



Hi @rraney,

Thanks for the post! TestRail wouldn’t directly support exporting or importing entire projects via CSV or XML at this time and only importing test cases would be supported. You would be able to export any test runs, plans, or suites into CSV or XML, however only the test cases would be importable.

That being said, here are a couple of options you may find useful:

If you are wanting to export your projects from the same instance into a new, empty TestRail instance, you can instead backup the full database and restore it in the new instance (and perform the upgrade to TestRail 5.6). With the full migration complete, you can then delete the extra projects and deactivate any users which are not needed.

If the destination project is not empty, then you would need to recreate any data in the destination instance by using the XML or CSV export/import features or using the API to automatically create the data in the new instance. Please keep in mind that you would also need to recreate any custom fields in the destination instance to ensure the data is copied over correctly.

I hope this helps,



Thanks for the amazing quick response. I suspected this.

We are having to migrate off a ‘Corupted’ DB that TestRail DB Upgrade tools will not support, and following Guroks support, having to export every testcase and move it to a ‘CLEAN’ install of TestRail. Some of our suites projects with suites have over 30K testcases.