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Simple report showing last months Pass/Fail and total tests run


I need a report that shows me how many tests were run last month and how many passed and how many failed. I have multiple test suites all of which may have had tests run in them.
I don’t want to see which tests were updated or new which seem to be the only options. As I understand it Updated may apply to the test result or even a change in the acceptance criteria?
Do you have a template available for just the info i need?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the post! TestRail would not have a global report which shows statistics across multiple projects. However, you would be able to compile these statistics on a per-project basis using the Property Distribution report in the ‘Results’ section of your reports page.

This report would show the breakdown of statuses for all test runs or tests which meet the criteria selected, such as a specific time frame. This report also includes the option to only show aggregate data and exclude details regarding individual tests.

If you need a global report across multiple projects, this type of report would need to be custom-built, either using TestRail’s API, or a custom report plugin with a TestRail Server instance. That being said, I will add your vote to our existing feature request for global reporting capabilities within TestRail.

I hope this is helpful,