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Simple Report: Only tests that haven't been run recently


I’m wrapping up a release and I want to know, what tests have not been run recently. I can’t seem to figure out how to do this.


Hi Shawn,

While there isn’t a direct way to generate a report for tests that have not been executed for x days. It would be possible to generate a report which lists test with results that were submitted between specific dates in the past.

To achieve this select the report template of your choosing, ideally one that provides the “Tests” tab. Then under this tab apply a filter for “Tested On” set to custom and define a date range. This would then display any tests which have results but were executed between certain dates in the past. This is assuming of course that all tests under a run has been completed.



So TLDR: we have ~800 test cases for a project. They do not normally all get run. So I would like to say, here is the hitlist of tests not run lately, and have them easily created into a new test run so those can be targeted. Possible with a API script at least?


Ok, so the closest I have found is the “Comparison for Cases” Report.

The last colum gives you pretty much what you need, but it’s not easy to schedule the “untested cases” for another run.


If the end goal is to create a new test run which includes, for example, only tests which have been missed (“untested” status). You can then use the Rerun button found near the top right menu, which looks like a play button. The first prompt will be for which test statuses to rerun. By selecting “untested” a new test run is created using only those tests.


I see a “Arrow -> Create similar” button which is trying to build another report like this. I don’t see how to create another test run. Can you help me figure it out?