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Silently Install the Redistributable?



Is there a way to silently install the redistributable console?




Hello Sheri,

Yes, this is supported. Please see the “Installation | Automating the Installation” topic in the online help for details (press F1 in the Console). The setup for the Redistributable Console is named siredist-*.exe and can be found in the \deploy directory of your SmartInspect installation.

The Redistributable Console also supports xcopy-deployment, so you could alternatively also integrate the necessary files into your own installer instead of using the SmartInspect setup program.

I hope this helps,



Thanks, I had only been looking under the Deploying Applications section of the manual.

Right now we are currently using the xcopy-style of deployment (copying the required files into a subfolder under our program) but in order to allow users to double-click and open .sil log files with the console we had to add registry settings, which in turn alter the .sil extension mapping for existing installations of SmartInspect.

I’ll have a look at the silent install options.



Okay, just let me know in case any questions come up.