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Side Edit Bug in TestRail 6.2

I noticed when editing test cases using the side edit feature, that customizations are not being saved once I select Save. I noticed it once I added tags, hit Save, then viewed the test case in side edit view again: the tag was gone.

We are experiencing the same

When editing the test case via the edit feature within a test run, all fields update apart from 1. I’ve checked the settings for the customised fields and they are all the same, so shouldn’t be any reason why some update and other’s don’t save the changes.

Hi @Ash1 & @mini-eggs - we’re aware that custom fields are a problem with the fast track edit functionality currently. We’ll have a fix out very soon.


@sjpknight what is the status on a patch to this issue? We are talking about a long time here (> 3_months) for such a major issue “LOSS OF DATA??” to wait this long for a patch! Please provide status or shall I fix this issue myself? Thanks!

Hi @mj2377

All the issues relating to the editing of custom fields using the new fast track edit feature were fixed in a 6.2 maintenance release, back in March: TestRail Released. If you’re still experiencing issues once you’ve upgraded, please do let us know about them!


@sjpknight thanks for the reply, however, I can confirm for you that tag release does not have this patched fix. This was the only avail tag to install for 6.2, so it seems this fix did not make it into your latest 6.2 maint release. My upgrade flow was from 6.1 to 6.2 ( Please provide a hot fix or push out another maintenance/patch that includes the fixes you say were involved in so customers upgrading to have them. Thanks!

@sjpknight any word on why this fix is not included in TestRail Released - I’ve got a work around in place to remove the ability to use fast track ending feature, but my org would like to use it. Unfortunately, right now there is a data integrity issue with your bug and until you provide me a patch, we are missing out (and I suspect many other customers who had a similar upgrade path as we did). Thanks!

Hi @mj2377 - the fast track edit fixes are included in the release. If you are experiencing a specific issue which may not have been covered by those fixes, then we’ll be happy to support you with that - but we’ll need some more information from you in order to diagnose it. If you’d like to send that information to, we can take a more in-depth look.


An email has been with information!! I look forward to a reply within 24hrs…thanks!

This issue should be resolved as of the latest release. Please let us know if you experience any further problems in this regard!