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It would be nice to allow a “SaveConfiguration” method so that any changes to the configuration during runtime could be saved to the .sic file…


Hello Robert,

thanks for the suggestion, I added it to the feature request list. However, I’m not sure if this feature would be used very frequently. I guess nearly all SmartInspect users who use configuration files build their configuration with the Configuration Builder and then just use this file for the LoadConfiguration method. I currently can’t think of a good use case for a SaveConfiguration method.

However, such a SaveConfiguration method would be quite simple to implement. You just need to store the properties of the Si object (Enabled, Connections etc.) in a plain text file with a key=value list. You could create a TStringList object, fill it with the key/value pairs and then just call its SaveToFile method.


No problem - just thought it might be convenient in this case:

Have a Tools Menu with a check value of "Debug Mode"
When the value is changed, disable SI and save to the config file

In any case, I’ll use your Stringlist method - just thought it would be nice for consistency in the product… :slight_smile: