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Showing Test Cases on Jira Tickets

Hello everyone,

We use testrail as a test case repository but would like to improve our management of test runs as we complete jira tickets (stories, bugs, even epics).

I’m not sure I fully understand the tech news free netflixexpected workflow for having test cases show up on jira tickets. Let’s say I want to run 15 test cases, already defined in testrail, after completing a specific jira ticket. My understanding is that I need to go into each test case individually and add that jira as a reference. Is that right?

My concern here is, if I understand the flow correctly:

  • The list of jiras per test case will grow very quickly as we keep using some test case for testing jiras for the next X years
  • I need to perform this manual add reference action on each test case individually by editing the test case, rather than being able to assign a test run to a jira (or some other grouping)


Related to this I’d just like to see visual indicator on the Jira ticket that shows a test case exists. I need a heads up, as a dev task reaches completion, that we need to get the test case written. Something like the TestRails test case ID on the Jira ticket.

I have similar concern. For a number of our more mature projects, some functionality that has had fixes/refactoring requires us often to run a regression test to cover it off. The Test Case itself is not a direct relation to the Jira ticket, however the fact they we executed it is.

So whilst some test cases will be direct relation to a story/bug, it would be good if test rail could somehow have the option of relating a test case run to a jira reference.

Hi All,

Viewing related test cases within Jira is done by either creating the test case from Jira using the “Create Test Case” link or simply adding the Jira ID into the test case ‘references’ field. Of course this implies that Jira integration has been done from both TestRail and the TestRail for Jira addon.

To see the process, check out this detailed video that demonstrates all the key points of the TestRail and Jira integration.